Invest to be a part of helping children and incarcerated and formerly incarcerated achieve the amazing goals that they would otherwise not be able to achieve. Your donations help them rise above social, and economic barriers and achieve their dreams of being educated, and independent and successfully transitioning back into society post incarceration.


Become a mentor to impact a young person’s self esteem and daily life! Or become a mentor to the formerly incarcerated to help them readjust. Mentoring shows people that they matter, they aren’t alone & someone cares for them. Mentoring encourages positive development, life changing actions, quality fo life improvement, and personal Growth.

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BCMA invites you to spread our message. You can amplify our story on social media and share why you believe in the mission of Breaking Chains Making Amends This is a simple way to support and get involved with our work.

“Breaking Chains Making Amends Foundation has helped me achieve a life long goal, which was to be the first in my family to graduate from a nationally accredited university.”

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All donations, monetary and goods, help us provide scholarships and rehabilitation to those who do not want to let their circumstances define their lives. Help us make an impact.


Want to do more? Ask us about our event sponsorship packages. Not only do they help us fulfil our mission but they give you or your company the ability to reach people otherwise unreachable.


Help us fundraise and spread the word. The more people who we can reach the better chances we have at providing more scholarships and rehabilitating more people.

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