Chanquis Robertson

Hi, my name is Chanquis Robertson and I am a loud-proud fighting Texas Aggie class of 2017. Deciding to attend Texas A&M University was only one of the first steps I took in being a responsible young adult. Making my own decisions and taking responsibility for my actions was nothing new for me. However, once getting here I honestly was not prepared for the “struggles” that laid ahead.

Being from a single parented home, of three, finances were not always the best. The sacrifices my mother and myself made on a regular basis groomed me into the strong individual I am today, as well as prepared me to manage and secure my finances as an adult. Yet, it was not a skill easily mastered nor was it overwhelmingly enjoyable.

"Breaking Chains Making Amends Foundation has helped me achieve a life long goal, which was to be the first in my family to graduate from a nationally accredited university."

Prior to the start of school, at Texas A&M University, I found myself under an abundance of stress. My mother’s source of income fluctuated, my father was imprisoned, and my FAFSA scholarships had not yet come through. As I began reviewing the expenses of attending such a prestigious university, I noticed the amount of debt I would inherit if not granted the necessary resource funds.

Although I felt lost and consumed with worry I continued to apply for outside scholarships, constantly check my financial aid status, and pray for the best. In the spring of my senior year, I began to receive my incoming freshman scholarship awards. I was more than happy I was ecstatic. But of them all received, I was most excited about being one of few selected Breaking Chains Making Amends (BCMA) Awards Recipients.

The message behind the foundation is what made me feel honored to be awarded such an award. My father had been imprisoned majority of my life and hardly ever financially supported me since he was constantly absent. All I had was my mother and very few immediate family member support. Seeing that there were people in the local community who wanted to make sure I succeeded in my mission, to expand my knowledge, filled my heart with joy. I myself had dreamed of being an inspiration to individuals with similar circumstances I grew up in.

Chanquis Robertson

2017 Texas A&M Graduate


Although I did not interact with every donor personally, I knew they all had my best interest in mind. I would like to thank each and every member for opening their heart, arms, and pocket books in order to assist students like myself. I especially thank Mr. Pittman, of BCMA, for going above and beyond in assuring I was supported in a timely consistent manner over the five year undergraduate period.

Breaking Chains Making Amends Foundation has helped me achieve a life long goal, which was to be the first in my family to graduate from a nationally accredited university. Now that I have accomplished that I am aspiring to obtain my masters at Prairie View A&M University in business administration human resources.

Thank you again Breaking Chains for aiding me in breaking my families cycle of academic failure. Now I have set the tone for others behind me and I applaud the efforts the foundation have made behind the scenes.


Ms. Chanquis Robertson